A Few Questions

As a homeowner, you can help the building process go smoothly before you begin a remodeling or
construction project. May we suggest a few questions to ask of a contractor early on, before you sign a contract.

  • What Building Code does your contractor build to? Does your contractor incorporate the latest changes to the current International Residential Code into your project, as adopted by the State of Minnesota? Your home will be inspected by local Building Officials during each phase of the project. You don’t want any surprises after an inspection.

  • Does the contractor have a proper Minnesota license? Follow this link: https://secure.doli.state.mn.us/

  • Does the contractor carry Business Liability insurance? Does the contractor carry Workers
    Compensation on his or her employees? Are the subcontractors brought into your home and onto
    your property properly insured? If not, you are liable for any injuries incurred on your property by an uninsured worker. The contractor should be able to produce documentation for all insurance questions.

  • Does the contractor obtain a building permit for the project?


I really enjoyed working with Greg Schmidt/Home Restoration Services. His companys’ work is thorough and very high quality. He expects the best from his sub-contractors and is on-site to make sure the work is completed and meets his (and my) standards. His attention to detail is very much appreciated. I feel like I can trust Greg and not have to second-guess him. And one more thing – he helped us catch a mouse, which clearly was beyond the call of duty


We have come to know Home Restoration Services via a project they completed for our neighbors. We think the work looks wonderful and know our neighbors are pleased with the results. We noted how considerate Home Restoration was during the construction. Not only were they polite and friendly, but always gave a wave and let the kids watch them work. They even paused to answer the children’s questions. Home Restoration Services was consistently on the job and seemed to be very considerate regarding equipment and parking. We think they should be considered if you are contemplating a remodeling project.” An observant neighbor

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