Our Philosophy

Neighborhoods…the Twin Cities area is full of great neighborhoods. Most people remodel because they like their home, but they love their neighborhood.

Good residential construction and remodeling projects go beyond the obvious benefits to homeowners and their families; they strengthen the fabric and character of neighborhoods.

Home Restoration Services has been fortunate to build projects in some of the great neighborhoods of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding suburbs. We believe that our work has contributed to preserving and strengthening essential qualities of those neighborhoods; building on tradition.

Take a few moments and visit our portfolio page. When you are ready, contact us to discuss your project, wherever you are in the process of remodeling your home.

“Tradition cannot be inherited, and if you want it you must obtain it by great labor”
-T.S. Eliot


I really enjoyed working with Greg Schmidt/Home Restoration Services. His companys’ work is thorough and very high quality. He expects the best from his sub-contractors and is on-site to make sure the work is completed and meets his (and my) standards. His attention to detail is very much appreciated. I feel like I can trust Greg and not have to second-guess him. And one more thing – he helped us catch a mouse, which clearly was beyond the call of duty


We have come to know Home Restoration Services via a project they completed for our neighbors. We think the work looks wonderful and know our neighbors are pleased with the results. We noted how considerate Home Restoration was during the construction. Not only were they polite and friendly, but always gave a wave and let the kids watch them work. They even paused to answer the children’s questions. Home Restoration Services was consistently on the job and seemed to be very considerate regarding equipment and parking. We think they should be considered if you are contemplating a remodeling project.” An observant neighbor

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